Personal Development NLP

  1. NLP 12 week video program.
  2. Live 3 Day NLP workshop
  3. 11 Commandments of Jedi.
  4. Smart Negotiation Strategies.
  5. 4 Communication patterns.
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Influence, Persuasion, Selling & Speaking

  1. Sales Code. 4 hours of video, 3 hours of audio, 2 workbooks.
  2. Closing 101. 2 hours of video, 2 hours of audio, 1 workbook.
  3. Selling from Stage. 13 hours of video, cheat sheets, PP presentations, workbook, and 30 day plan
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Wealth Building

Wealth Programs that make a huge financial difference:

  1. Dare to be Rich Book.
  2. Financial Intelligence Network.
  3. Real Estate 101.
  4. Credit Spread Training.
  5. Asset Protection.
  6. Tax Liens
  7. Futures Trading.
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M2: Mind and Money


For decades I have taught folks wealth building strategies. But I know at a core level, they must have their MIND in the right place before they can build wealth.

Yes. Financial Strategies work, but you have to believe the work. You have to be persistent and deciplined, in you approach. Which takes mind set strategies. NLP one of the best tool to get your mind, and others in the right position.


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